I do a variety of consulting – for news organizations, for governments, for community groups, and for traditional academic journals.







My groundbreaking work on diversity coverage led me to develop a course at Ryerson University that won the 2003 Award of Excellence from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

My areas of specialty are: 

  • Minorities and the media
  • Ethnic publications
  • Big-picture newsroom change


Census of newsrooms 1994-2004

The only tracking of the race and gender of daily newspaper employees ever done in Canada. It shows that newspapers of every size are falling out of step with the demographic changes in their communities.
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Ipperwash and the Media

A case study of how the media got a story wrong. This analysis was done for the Ipperwash judicial inquiry and cited in Mr. Justice Linden’s report into the death of Dudley George.

Canada's diversity media

Many myths cloud our understanding of the success of Canada's ethnocultural media. This survey of publishers, done in 2006 for the Department of Canadian Heritage, is the most ambitious attempt yet to characterize the business practices, challenges and missions of those publications.
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Terrorism and the press

An analysis of newspaper news stories of the arrest of the Toronto 18 "homegrown terrorists" in 2006. It shows how overly dependent reporters were on anonymous sources, breaking many journalistic guidelines on their use. It skewed the coverage and accepted the government's political spin without checking with other sources.
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A related analysis of opinion articles from the same newspapers. A
significant portion of the published commentary raised unreasonable public alarm, cast suspicion on the followers of a major religion and impugned Islam itself, failed to subject the allegations of theCanadian government and security officials to rigorous scrutiny, and predicted guilt before the suspects were able to exercise their democratic rights to a fair trial.
Toronto-18 opinion