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When a PM sues

March 16th, 2008

Ontario Superior Court File 08-CV-41020 isn’t attracting nearly the attention it should.


Submitted to court on March 3 by Richard G. Dearden, the five-page Notice of Libel represents the first time in Canadian history that a sitting prime minister has sued the Official Opposition.

That alone should put it high on the agenda of every political columnist who covers the House of Commons. Y ...

Journalism has limits

March 6th, 2008

Which is more important - fighting crime, or writing about it?

Judging from the overwrought reaction of Canada's largest journalists' association, you'd think freedom of the press should always come first, even trumping the legal tools police may need to find out whodunit.

The Canadian Association of Journalists, representing 1,500 members, says it is dismayed by an Ontario Court of A ...