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Free Conrad!

July 21st, 2010

To paraphrase Conrad Black, who was talking at the time about journalists: Ex-cons these days just seem so ignorant, lazy, opinionated, intellectually dishonest and inadequately supervised.

Crossharbour, until yesterday Prisoner No. 18330-424, has made his escape from the slammer after serving 28 months of a 61/2 year sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice. He will be out on bail pend ...

Honey, I shrunk CP

July 7th, 2010

Just four years ago, a Senate committee examined the state of Canada's news media and made a prescient plea: Please support The Canadian Press wire service. It's vital to the country.

Since then, the country's two largest newspaper companies -- CanWest (in 2007) and Sun Media (this month) -- have pulled out of CP and that has triggered a radical restructuring that threatens the future of the ...