Blog by John Miller

Media culpa

November 9th, 2016

By one count, only 19 newspapers in the United States supported Donald Trump for the presidency.

The only one you ever heard of was the National Enquirer. All the rest were small papers with questionable influence, including The Crusader, official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.

So what did they know that the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times missed? Hillary Clinton w ...

Cure for "too white"

November 6th, 2016

Shree Paradkar sure knows how to launch a column.

The Toronto Star has chosen her to write a new weekly column on race and gender, and she courageously focused very close to home for her first one – on the unbearable whiteness of newsrooms, including her own. She even criticized her editor-in-chief for being wrong about how accurate such newsrooms can be when they write about other cultures. ...

Unwarranted power

November 4th, 2016

Until this week, Josée De Carufel was an obscure Quebec justice of the peace, one of 10 toiling at the Montreal courthouse at 1, Rue Notre-Dame Est.

Appointed for life, JPs in Quebec handle a range of lower-level judicial proceedings, including bail hearings and applications for search warrants.

Now, because of her repeated and outrageous authorizations of police surveillance of a journa ...